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5 Ways To Make Money Online With Google

Advertising Data publikacji - 09/12/2019 Autor - waytoblogger

Google is one of the most popular resources in the Internet. People from the whole world are using different Google tools that are very helpful. What is more, this platform allows for earning money. It offers many different programs that can generate a large income. They are ideal for people who are interested in earning money while working from home.

Google AdSense program

People who are interested in earning money on their websites, blogs or YouTube channels, should consider creating a Google AdSense account. Cost per click AdSense campaigns allow for earning money for each reader or viewer who decided to click an advertisement. Using AdSense is a very good method of earning on the website or YouTube channel traffic. This platform allows for controlling the location of advertisements. There is a threshold that has to be reached to receive payment.

Benefits of Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a special app that can be downloaded by people who are interested in earning money and getting rewards for taking surveys. At the beginning, you have to download the app and answer some basic questions, so the platform will be able to assign surveys that match your profile. After setting up an account, the app will give notifications about surveys that are available (it happens about once a week).

This platform provides Google Play store or PayPal credits that can be up to $1. In most cases, surveys are associated with customer satisfaction questions.

Get paid to search online with Search Engine Evaluator

It is possible to get paid for searching online. Many people search for different pieces of information on the Internet. Of course Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. People who are search engine evaluators work from home and they check if Google or other search engines locate the most important information for users. They are able to measure the usefulness of websites and they also analyze results of searching.

We can find many different websites that offer training for search evaluators and hire them.

Google Audience Measurement

This platform is similar to Google Opinion, because you can receive rewards. Earning with the use of this platform is very easy, because you need to install a special meter on your computer, smartphone, TV or other devices. These meters monitor websites, movies and other materials that you watch on the Internet. Of course this platform is very safe and it collects data like cookies, apps and sites that you decided to use. Users of this platform receive points per device and they will be credited every Thursday.

Selling on Google Play

Google Play is the another platform that allows for earning good money. It is suitable especially for people who have got some skills. Many writers decide to sell their books, tutorials or written manuals and trainings with the use of this platform. It is also ideal for people with programming skills. They can create and sell their apps through Google Play, but they need to be at least 18 years old and pay $25 registration fee.


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