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SEO Content Writing Tips


Writers who can create SEO-friendly content are becoming more and more popular among many companies and owners of blogs or websites who want to optimize their content, so it will be more visible to search robots. Without good articles that have been written according to SEO rules, a blog or website will be very low in the results of Google searching.
High demand for services of freelance writers can be seen in almost all countries in the world. That is why many people decide to become writers. To realize writing tasks, you need to have a wide knowledge of many topics and you should also know where to look for information. You also have to know some most important rules of SEO content writing.

SEO articles are not only for search robots

Many people and companies think that SEO content has to be created only for search engines. It is better to create high-quality articles for people that are also SEO-friendly. Google robots will find these articles and people will be able to find some valuable information or answers to their questions.

Do not forget about headlines that can make a big impression, especially in the case of short articles. You should use clear and interesting headlines with the most important keywords. Your meta descriptions should also be interesting and connected with the topic of an article. The title and meta description will appear in search results, so these elements are crucial.

If we are talking about keywords, you need to use them not only in headlines but also in the main content of your articles, so the article will be informative and attractive not only for real users but also for search engines. You should find a balance because using too many keywords can be penalized by Google. In other words, the best SEO content writers should know how to use keywords, so the whole text looks natural.

Remember about other important rules!

A good writer should not only remember the content but also about the structure of a post. It has to be well-organized and broken into small paragraphs with headlines, so it will be easy to read and readers will be interested and engaged with it. Using proper tags for headlines (h1 for titles and h2 for subtitles) allow for keeping the appropriate structure of an article.

It is good to choose images that are associated with the topic of an article. Thanks to high-quality images and pictures, the article will be more interesting for readers. You can find many databases with free pictures or you can take photos on your own.

You should think about promoting your articles on social media. What is more, you can use Google+ accounts to link the content to a certain author thanks to a Google Authorship option. Remember about regular checking the rules of Google, so you will know what is important. These rules change very often, so maybe in the future, you will have to change your writing style and update your content.

As you can see, freelance writers need to remember many things. It is a difficult and responsible job, but it can provide a lot of money and satisfaction.

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