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How to Monetize Facebook Videos

Earnings Data publikacji - 10/02/2019 Autor - waytoblogger

Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media websites in the world. People use it to create posts with different types of information, opinions, etc. Many private profiles and fan pages create valuable content every day. It is important to mention that Facebook allows for posting voice recordings and videos. It is also possible to stream videos live on Facebook.
We need to inform that Facebook released a special Audience Network platform. Thanks to this solution users can post and monetize their video materials on Facebook. To have the possibility of monetizing your Facebook videos, you need to become a partner of the Audience Network.

Are there any requirements?

According to the policy of Facebook, you need to have a page with a minimum of 10000 followers and 30000 (minimum 1 minute) views in the last 60 days. After meeting these requirements, your fan page will be qualified to the Audience Network and you will be able to activate monetization.

It is possible to earn money in the aforementioned network thanks to the special program called Ad Breaks. It becomes available to more and more users from the whole world. Large companies are interested in advertising on the most popular Facebook profiles and they allow for putting special advertisements into the movies posted by users.

How to increase income from Audience Network?

Meeting the requirements cannot assure good profit from Ad Breaks created in Facebook videos. You have to take care of your materials, so they will generate more views and more profit. That is why you should focus on the quality, not on the number of video materials. Find topics that you are specialized in. They will be interesting, entertaining and engaging for your viewers, so they will watch your movies for more than one minute and they will also leave their reviews and opinions in comment sections.

Facebook promotes movies that are popular among its users. It is a very good idea to send links to your video materials to your friends and members of the family. It is also good if they share your links to their friends and families. This solution assures a large network of viewers interested in your content, so movies will generate more income from advertisements.

You should also post high-quality content regularly, so your viewers will not forget about your page. Regular posting on the same days and hours is a great idea. People will be waiting for new movies.

Are there any other options?

You can use your Facebook videos to generate direct sales, create online courses, promote different products and services of your sponsors. These are additional sources of income and they do not require meeting any special requirements, but of course, if your page has got more followers, you will have better chances for getting more viewers, finding sponsors or selling more products or services.

As you can see, Facebook has got a big potential that is observed by more and more people. You can communicate with other people, have fun and you can also earn money with the use of this social media platform.


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