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The easiest way to learn English

Blog Data publikacji - 07/19/2022 Autor - waytoblogger
learn English

What are the easiest ways to learn English? It depends on what your relationship with foreign languages is. Some people learn fast just by watching movies, listening to songs, or talking with somebody, and some have a hard time with new words, grammar rules, or pronunciation. Anyway, there are ideas for learning English quickly and easily.

Learning through playing

The best and easiest way to learn English, both for kids and adults, is to find some enjoyable methods. There is nothing better than making fun out of knowing a new language. It is also one of the most efficient method and allows you to improve your skills in short time.

Grammar, vocabulary, or idioms? You can learn all at once with simple language games! Check out our English lesson and start using English freely.

Associations, cards and roleplays

When you want to try some English lessons and learn English up to the fluent level, you need to try some ESL worksheets and attractive games.

First, try a true or false exercise. Ask somebody to write sentences on flashcards (or print it out from web) – some of them need to be written wrong. Your task is to decide, which is good and which is wrong. The other way to play this game is to write sentences, which say true or false statements (ex. The water boils in 50 degrees, The cat has four legs). And now again, decide which sentences are true.

The other way is to make sentences or whole stories with newly known words and phrases. Associate them with situations and emotions or make funny stories of phrases origin, so you can remember them very easily.

For example, you can easily remember the phrase its raining cats and dogs just by imagining it! And when you think about hump day, synonymous of Wednesday, imagine a camel, that has a huge hump – if you climb on it and slide off it, there will be the weekend downstairs.

Practice every single day!

The easiest way to learn English is to practice every day. You dont need to spend hours reading, writing, or talking, but try to take at least 20 minutes to improve your skills.

With ESL worksheets, it is easy and convenient. Remember that you learn by observing, reading, and hearing, so… why not watch a movie?

Just play your favourite film or TV series with English subtitles and try to hear what the actors say with reading the subtitles at the same time. Remember to repeat after actors all the words and phrases you want to learn, or you didnt know before.

You can also find a book in English and extract all words you dont understand. Then translate them, learn how to pronounce, and repeat up to learn.

Its the best English lesson you can take at home, in your free time.


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