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How to Get Started Selling Advertising on Your Blog

Advertising Data publikacji - 10/10/2019 Autor - waytoblogger

There are many methods of blog monetization. One of them is selling advertisements. Thanks to this option, you can earn additional money that can be used for paying for the server or domain. Some people create blogs only to earn money. Of course, many blog visitors do not like advertisements, because they can be annoying. If you want to earn on them, you need to think about ads that will be friendly for users and profitable for you.
Creating a blog space suitable for advertisement requires a lot of work and time. It is important to know what types of ads are available for you. Thanks to this knowledge, you will be able to create advertisements that are perfectly suited to your requirements.

Create an ad-friendly blog

Most blog owners, want to start monetizing their blogs as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you have to be patient, because it takes some time before your blog starts earning on advertisements. Influencers and people who own social media accounts with many followers can generate high traffic at the beginning, so their job is much easier.

You need to remember about creating a blog that is suitable for ads. It means that you need to remember about the appropriate traffic, blog design, and stability. Thanks to these elements, sponsors will become interested in your site. Most advertisers are interested in blogs with 10k and more unique visitors per month, so start creating an interesting blog with valuable information for readers, so they will be more and more interested in it.

What types of ads are available for blog owners?

You can run many types of ads on your blogs. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are popular among young blogs. One of the programs that offer this monetization method is Google AdSense. Many blog owners start with this program because its requirements are not difficult to meet. In this case, a blog owner gets money for each user who decided to click an advertisement. Remember about choosing the ads that are related to the main topic of your blog, so there will be a high chance that users will be interested in them.

If you have some permanent readers, you can try earning on affiliate programs. In this case, you have to insert affiliate links into your blog. Many affiliate programs pay for specific actions. It means that you will receive money for each user who buys a product, completes a registration or subscription form after clicking your link. Requirements are more strict, but this method allows for earning good money if you have many loyal readers. One of the examples is the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Of course, you can use many other methods of monetization. For example, you can search for sponsors interested in advertisements. They will find you if your blog is popular. Sponsors pay for links or banners, but they can also be interested in sponsored blog posts with descriptions of their products or services. You can also join ad networks that will help you generate income.

Remember about traffic

As you can see, many different strategies allow for making money on blogs. You need to remember that they will be useless, if you do not have got any readers, so create valuable content and promote your site with the use of different methods. Thanks to this, you will generate traffic required for earning big money on selling blog advertisements.


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