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How To Make Money With Google AdSense

Earnings Data publikacji - 11/01/2019 Autor - waytoblogger

Google AdSense is a special program that allows for earning money. It is ideal for owners of large, medium and small websites who want to show advertisements on their sites and blogs. Google pays for each visitor who clicks an advertisement. What is more, this program is also good for YouTube creators. They can turn on video ads that will be visible on their materials, so they get money for each click or for each person who watches the ad to the end.
Many new websites and blogs treat AdSense as the only opportunity that allows for making money because it is difficult to find a good sponsor in case of a small blog. AdSense is a program that has got many advantages, but users need to remember some things.

Advantages of AdSense and things to remember

The aforementioned AdSense program has got many different advantages. First of all, it is completely free to join. What is more, websites and YouTube channels do not have to meet very strict requirements, so it is easy to join the program and start earning, even in case of new and small websites.

AdSense program offers a large variety of ads that can be customized according to the publisher’s website and his or her requirements. One AdSense account can be used to run advertisements on many websites or YouTube channel, so you can reach the payment threshold much faster if you have more than one website with many visitors. Of course, advertisements available in this program are customized according to the requirements of mobile devices.

Of course, users should also remember some important aspects of this program. First of all, Google pays every month, but you need to reach a $100 threshold (if not, then money goes to the next month). You need to be very careful and observe all the rules. You cannot click your ads.

Types of AdSense advertisements

The most popular are text ads in Ad Units and Link Units. It is possible to customize the size or color of a box with an advertisement, so it will become more visible and interesting to your readers or viewers. It is also possible to choose ad boxes that mix text ads with image advertisements that are also very popular. You can also install, flash, video and audio ads. A good combination of ads that are well-matched to your website, will generate more income so it is good to spend some time on it.

Basic tips for people who want to earn with Google AdSense

First of all, you have to read and adhere to AdSense rules, because breaking them mean deletion of your account. You also need to take care of providing the highest quality content, so the site will generate high traffic and good income. Be honest and do not pay for “artificial” traffic. Another important thing is putting some ads before the fold (it can be seen as first without scrolling).

You should read all the e-mails from Google regarding new requirements, rules or warnings associated with your site. You will have time to fix the problems before your AdSense account becomes terminated. Fortunately, it is easy to meet all the requirements, even for beginners.


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