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What you need to know about pumps for cosmetics


Ensuring the proper and safe storage of cosmetic substances in packaging is not only an internal concern of the manufacturer, but is also regulated by national, and international legal norms, and standards. An integral part of cosmetic packaging, without which the cosmetic cannot be properly used, are modern pumps for packaging, especially for the cosmetics industry.

Convenience and economy

With the pumps for cosmetics, the cosmetic product takes on a modern look, style, and feel. But thats not all!

The ability of measuring the exact amount, especially of the liquid contained in the package, guarantees that it will last longer than in the case of traditional packaging, where the substance is applied directly to the hand. So we have an economic effect that consumers will certainly appreciate.

But health and safety are even more important. With tight pumps, the product inside the package is safe. There is no contact with bacteria, viruses or fungi that are in the outside atmosphere. The product is also more durable if it does not come into contact with air which may lead to oxidation.

Additional security? Why not!

Pumps-closures for cosmetics ( may be equipped with additional security features. They allow the tip of the dispenser to be turned to a position that prevents it from being pressed. With this feature, we can easily take the beauty-care with us and put it in a bag or pocket. Now, we are 100% sure that the liquid will not overflow.

And one more innovative solution

The above-mentioned ergonomic and safe solutions related to the use of modern pumps and pumps-closures are not all. The use of foam-forming pumps is still possible. Thanks to these, you can transform a liquid substance into a foam. Aeration and dilution of density will make the cosmetic product last longer. Therefore, its use will be even more economical.

Wide range of pumps for cosmetics

As you know, customers in most cases buy impulsively. It is said that they buy with their eyes and hearts. That is why the pumps are available in several colors, as well.

Due to the different sizes of bottles, we can also choose from different lengths – they are available from 18 to 43 mm.

There is also a large selection of thread diameters, for examle, 18/415, 20/410, 24/410, 28/410, 33/410, and 43/400.

To sum up, the modern pumps and pumps-closures are the perfect solution for cosmetics manufacturers, especially those with a thinner, fluid texture such as gels, peelings, semi-liquid creams, balsams, liquids, and many more.

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